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3rd: photoshopped movies

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got fascinated with a fake evangelion live action movie. t’was a search result when searching for eva wallpapers. (click to biggify)


found this in google by some french guy.
 Starring: Elijah Wood as Shinji Ikari,
Natalie Portman as Asuka Langley (and shall i say very nice casting for this one),
and Zhang Ziyi as Rei Ayanami.

So i decided to create mine myself. haha.

Gundam Seed Movie. (Click to biggify)

photoshopped by christianlc.
Starring Emma Watson as Lacus Clyne
and Elijah Wood as Kira Yamato
(and Elijah as Shinji too in the fake Eva movie hehe)


 This one is the Cowboy Bebop Movie.(click to biggify)

photoshopped by christianlc.
Starring Johnny Depp as Spike Spiegel (shall i say a very fitting cast),
Jessica Alba as Faye Valentine (and another fit),
Laurence Fishburne as Jet Black and some Japanese kid as Ed
and a Welsh Corgi as Ein.


 shall I make more? hehe.